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Another milestone - Residence Permit issued and issues.

By the time in November, my Working holiday visa was officially expired, which only allowed me to work for half a year in one year duration in Slovakia.

As the offer of my company in Bratislava is quite good and it's hard to say good-bye to my Slovak friends, I decided to apply for the Temporary Residence(TR) in Slovakia.

Which the second worst nightmare of my life.

We are not going through the details of the applications since there are already lots of information informed on the websites, like below:

Information from IOM:

*Please note that there are several exceptions according to different third country. Kindly consult the personnel in IOM via email or appointment via phone calls.

The purpose of the article is to reveal how in the world they,as Foreign Police, could make your lives wasted and as hell.

In my opinions, I have dealt with several countries' Foreign Affair departments. Most of the time is because of the applications of visas. Including Taiwan, my home country, China, the countries in Central Asia and Middle East, none of them made me feel so distressed and frustrated.

The very first thing you have to give a huge sh*t is that you need to go there in line for hours.

Before they set up a number machine, lots of people had to wait outside of the entrance and wrote their names down on a piece of paper.

No one knows who was in charge with this everyday since all the officers were indoors, not willing to deal with those desperate foreigners.

As a line setting up and human beings, people always could find their way to get rid of the situations, like cutting into the line, or wrote the name for others, tons of others, even more, hire someone to get lines for them so they could take their beauty hours for make-ups.

When the entrance opened, then they started to read the paper to call names. I'm not sh*tting you. This is how they communicated from the outside and indoors. 

The most ridiculous case I've ever heard is that when the officer called out the name for twice, someone would go to the front and said s/he is the person without being checked.

Nobody checked your ID so what's the point to line up?

Thank Jesus as most residents here believed. The Foreign Police in Bratislava finally have a number machine in the lobby.

You think problem solved? No fu*king way.

Right now we are going to talk about the madness in the office every opening hour.

As the word shown, "Foreign Police" is dealing with the foreigners' affair, so they are able to speak English or other languages.

You are da*n wrong.

When they see you as a foreigner, their supreme ego will come out and give you a look like we, as foreigners, are Slovak.

If there is no smile or nice greetings, that's fine, you government in every country does the same thing to your people. I'm fine with that, no blame should be made.

BUT, what is the Fu*king face you are showing to me like no sh*t coming out from your butt for days.

If you are in pain, go to the doctors. Don't let your crap inside of you crawling out on your face.

I have never seen those kind of dirty faces in my life. I mean, how miserable your life is?

Back to the topic, they don't speak a word in English.

In this case, what should you do?

Hiring someone capable of Slovak from agencies is the most common situation, only if you have those money in pockets. 

How much do they charge? I don't know but I would say overcharged in any case since this is the responsibility of the Foreign Police to hire someone who is capable of English and other languages, instead of hiring those ugly hags sitting in the office rather than candy houses.

Or you spend hours waiting for the number to be called and try your luck with them. In my case, I survived by using limited Slovak and lots of silly smiles, pretending that I'm helpless and innocent.

Maybe by publishing this article, we will see more people play innocent as The booted cat.

"Get lucky" the song you really need to listen before going there.

When you are called, you will have to visit the officer in person to view all your documents.

Wow, seems like they are working.

No way! We are just getting started.

Let's assume you can speak a bit Slovak and all the docs were viewed, the officer let you pass the interview and go. Does that mean you are really pass?

NO. And allow me to tell you why.

Before all the docs are being viewed, there is a machine you have to use to pay by cash or card.

For TR, it is 165 Euros per "time".

What do you mean per time if you asked?

Per time you got docs to get viewed by officer.

Technically, you thought you paid for the whole process, but in fact, you are paying for the interview.

When you have some questions pending and would like to know if all the docs are fine for application. The officer will just say we will check.

We will check, that means if something wrong with the docs. Either the officer will call you to correct the documents, in which way, you don't have to pay for the additional actions.

BUT, if they don't, I'll say every foreigner in their eyes is rich and burn money back home like no one cares. You have to pay 165 Euros again and all the other correct documents are not available to give you back.

What's the logic and sense to do so?

So far, no one has an answer for that. Stay as mystery in Slovak Sh*thole. Don't get me wrong, every country has its own sh*thole and the one here is to suck the blood out of people by using covered evil reasons.

If your documents are submitted and you got no calls from FP after the meeting, congrats! There is only thing you need to do, WAIT.

The time could take up to 4 months, 1 month additional if special case.

There is nothing specific needed to be mentioned, waiting in line is a thing we have been through, nothing difficult for us to wait another 3 months.

Hold up! If you think by the time TR is issued and all the problems will be solved like a blow of the wound, you are hell wrong again.

4.5 Euros is another fee you need to pay on the spot when collecting the residence card, which compared to the application fee, 165 Euros, like itch of a tiny mosquito.

After collecting the card and claim arrival with the officer, you will need to submit your medical report of your physical condition within 30 days of permit-collecting.

Sounds reasonable? Let's put the condition in this way.

I got the permit issued and went to the hospital to have body check as the hags and ojisans requested.

Oh, no. I have infectious disease without me knowing. In this case, either you got denied again or you have to pay more money to examine thoroughly.

But to avoid all these time-consuming and problematic procedures, don't you people think if we do this way like:

1. Bring all your documents to visit the officer. Including medical report to prove you are one-piece man/woman.

2. Wait for 3 months
3. Collect the residence and pay for the application.

By doing this, no money will be wasted if there is anything wrong with the medical report, no time will be consumed meaninglessly, and most important, no human resources will be paid in vain.

Making everything much easier and if there is something wrong, the foreigners are to blame in most of the cases.

Instead the Slovak government see these flaws, they kept the system going without caring the voices of the foreigners.

For my case, I got the residence on the exact date of 3 months. Every phone calls we made, some are not answered and the others are like they are not able to provide any information due to security reasons that they cannot make sure if I'm calling.

Now I'm struggled because none of the hospitals are able to provide doctors and nurses with English skills and for the whole Slovakia, only 6 hospitals are listed to issue the medical report by Foreign Police.

Which there are only 2 in Bratislava where the most foreigners in Slovakia reside.

After reading this, if you think you can help to spread, to make the authorities notice and do some right, do it.

If you are a hater from Slovakia, please understand if there is no problem to be reported, there's no benefits for your mother country because most of the situations are fu*ked up and you don't feel of them.

That's pathetic and shame on you.

If you are a hater from other country, mind your business.

For all the hardcore I have been through, I still hope that all these nightmares would be gone for good. Make yourself easy is helping others' lives easy.

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