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One more start,Bratislava Slovakia

- A journey of miles begins with a single step. -- Laozi

We might start from this step: I'm about to start a new life in Budapest.

Looking at those pictures on the wall of my room, I could recall every of the story of every picture.

Every echo of the memories, all I can taste is the sweetness and bitterness of re-experiencing the adventures repeatedly.

That was my whole life - to be there without any reason.

Like a sponge, absorb every single drop of water around to keep as its own.

Randomly pick up the words of a foreign languages, learn the way of thinking, and most importantly, live like a local.

I start to have a hobby to drink tea with lots of sugar; without chopsticks(knife and fork), I start to use my right hands to pick up food unconsciously.

I have always dreamed to have an office job right after the grand trip for such a long time. With working holiday visa in Slovakia, I was lucky to find this office.

The very first job in office in my life! I started to wonder if the "fairy tales" which I have heard from different people would happen on me. You know, office gossiping and so on.

Out of imagination, or I should say luckily, none of them happens in my office.

As a cultural difference, office culture is one of the biggest gap.

The feelings I have here is that there is always a private part of your life no one could even invade.

"How much do you earn for the current job per month?"

You will have to answer the question out of consciousness because this is one way that you could show people how you worth in the society.

Here? Rather say people don't care, people just know the distances between each other.

If we really ask, either we are meant to be rude, or there must be something about live or death going on in your life and people try to give hands.

From where I am, there is no such "privacy". During the works, you have no personal life. All you need to think about is your work and all you have to dedicate is your effort.

And no one gives a look to it.

On the contrary, people do care about who you are, how different you are, and what the company can do for you and in return, what you can do for the company. Equal relations.

A bit off from the topic.

Back to what I mention. I have dreamed the office job for a long time.

But when I look into the pictures of myself, day by day, I realize the difference between how I look becomes wider and wider.

What I have gained is the experiences and values; what I have lost is the spirit and passion of pursuit of my life.

Unchanged life style and stable schedule bring me back to normal life, and what I missed is the challenges and unknown roads opened for me in every morning.

No rules to play is the only rule I need to follow.

With all these awareness and new chances appeared in front of me, I decide to resign my current job.

Lucky me, my supervisor, as a very decent and good friend of mine, said to me:

"I have thought about your resignation, would you consider another offer?"

It turns out that he had thought some plans for me in mind and spent times to discuss with our departments the possibilities we could have.

I will be appreciate him whenever I recall the life here. How he actually prepared the projects and communicated with other relevant people.

"I think it might be good for you since there will be a rather huge change in your life."

Indeed, it will be harder if there is no such help on the way. The appearance of the chances actually makes my future in Budapest much easier without some major issues.

Lucky as I am, I met a bunch of friends who offer me help at the right moments and help me through the process of life transitions.

One more cross from my To Do List.

Farewell, Slovakia

Here I come,  Hungary - Budapest

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