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Day 1 - Jerusalem / Waves of thoughts

- Tear all the mechanism apart, identify the key issues, repair and re-assembled.

Seven in the morning, the bus station with shopping mall is still full of lifelessness.

Here is the new city of Jerusalem, people are still in bed to enjoy the last part of their dream. The fresh air is shared with less souls and clear.

The hostel where I stayed located in the Armenian Quarter, right on the border with Jewish Quarter.

Here is city with thousands of years of histories, the city where all the great powers and three revealed religions would sacrifice all they have to claim the ownership.

For Christians – where Jesus had been living, being suffered and was ascending.

For Muslims – where Isra va Miraj happened.

For Judaist – where First Temple and Second one being lost.

There is a huge difference in the scales of Jerusalem between the past and presence.

The old Jerusalem includes David city and ancient sewer, and the presence of Jerusalem excluded the previous part but Christian and Armenian part.Only the Muslim Quarter and the Jewish Quarter are the oldest part.

Jerusalem can be broadly divided into four square blocks in accordance with: Northwest - Christian Quarter / Southwest – Armenian Quarter / Southeast - Jewish Quarter / Northeast and Great North - the Muslim Quarter.

This time, I happened to choose the time when the Jewish celebrate one of the three festivals - Shavuot (harvest festival), and the Muslim celebrate Ramadan(the month of fasting).

From the very first day, there are soldiers stationed everywhere in the old city, fearing of any attacks from anyone who defends their own belief.

Taking tram through the new town and directly to one of the old gates – Jaffa Gate.

Over the tram stop where I got off, I could see directly from the open streets of Jerusalem, the new walls are at the top of the old city walls, just like every city in the world, being built on the previous self and the rest were left under the dust.

The hostel where I stayed is just on the slope of Armenian Quarter. With an open roof, we are able to watch the skyline of Jerusalem 24 hours a day.

And the skyline, is the most extraordinary one I've ever seen.

Since I started to travel, I know a brief history of the development of today's religions, and now coupled with the complex relationship in politics.

Simply put, few people can clearly understand the concept of their own Holy Book, "love" and "tolerance" are the ideas which remain undeniable.

The creeds of “God so loved the world”, as well as cultural and religious compatibility (Islam), have been completely forgotten. Moreover, followers stick with the creeds created by descendants, and abandon the most fundamental concept.

Shouting the name of their master, fighting for their own interests, and thus causing death of lives.

Jerusalem, you can see the scars in this city, it is the wars and the fights, the wounds remained, being repaired, and starts all over again.
The bells of the churches, the melodies from Western Wall, and the sound of the Muslim call to pray are all happening at the same time, being harmony and lingering.

Churches, mosques, and the Jewish school are fully occupied of the skyline.


The morning bell was running through the whole Armenian Quarter.

Sunlight was falling on the shining paths with no one walking on them.

Both sides of the Bazaar were yet opened.

The iron plate explained to the pedestrians that the pavements were from the Roman Empire, which was discovered in the 20th century by archaeologists.

The sun is still falling down here, and the glow from thousands of years ago kept irradiating on the pavements, where all the changing happened each day.


From any entrance to the Western Wall area, you must go through a simple security check.

People in front of the Western Wall, moving their bodies forward and backward, with eyes closed, reciting the scriptures, while the wall in the front is full of notes.

We called it the crying wall, but the Jewish people don’t cry, instead, they celebrate the life of existence.
This is the rely of the past, expecting the Messiah would come back to life and lead the people to build the Third Temple (some of them believe the Third Temple shall be built to welcome the Messiah).


Wailing Wall in the evening becomes much lively during the  celebration of the harvest festival.

Men and women are separated into two parts and begin to sing and dance.

The Black suits set was passed on by the Polish Jewish from  18th-centur, with payot flying and the celebration commenced.


Throughout the Holy Land, I wish I were a cat.

As a cat, like a guardian, watching the movements of people, at the same time, the history waves of the city.

Find the eternity through passing all the corners and in the eternity, to search for the answers of presence.

What is God?

What is the purpose of the existence of human being?

Why get into wars?

Why comes the death?

Where is the answer to all this? 

Only being a cat, as a guardian, to see through things and the world.


That day, I walk on Via Dolorosa, the Calvary road that Jesus had been walking on.

There are marks where the visitors and pilgrimages can be led through the Calvary.

From the very beginning of the path, started from a church, then passing the stone dungeon where he was jailed. To the place where he failed, where he had help, and where he met his mother – Maria. To the last point, the church of sepulcher, where he was crucified and ascended.

Follow the bronze plates set by the livings, the real Calvary is no longer there available. What has left is the memories for his sacrifice.

The wall which cannot be through was established by predecessors; the road cannot be passed was paved by them as well.


I came here with wounds.

I thought I was strong enough to observe and understand everything here, but I only found my own insignificance and self-righteous.

I thought I could process and take stimulus in the front but then I realize all I have in my mind was a total blank.

I came with wounds, leaving with another new ones.
Like Jerusalem, the injury had left but the scar. Few years later, severe argument had brought new injuries, on the recovering ones.

We are and we will be in such a loop in the flow. Same wounds over and over again before recovered.
We are not so-called "God", getting to know all the answers.

But every time we recover, we feel less pain, being more stronger than the last time. No matter how the wall was overthrown, the next one would be built more sturdy to stop any harm.

I came with wounds, leaving with another new ones.
Jerusalem gave me the opportunity to reprocess myself, to re-examine my own needs and personality, find a new outlet, a new start.

The wound is still there, but no pain.

- To be continued ...

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